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Nauli Kriya is intended for regenerating, invigorating and stimulating the abdominal viscera and the gastrointestinal or alimentary system. For the practice of Nauli you should know the Uddiyan Bandha. Uddiyan can be done even a sitting posture; but Nauli is generally done while standing.

Do a strong and forcible expiration through the mouth and keep the kungs completely empty. Contract and forcibly draw the abdominal muscles towards the back. This is Uddiyan Bandh. This is the first stage of Nauli. Uddiyan Bandh terminates in Nauli.

For practicing Nauli, stand up. Keep the right leg a foot apart from the left leg. If you keep up the feet close together, at times you may lose the balance and stumble down. Rest your hands on the thighs, thus making a slight curve of the back. Then do Uddiyan Bandh. Do this for one week before proceeding to the next stage.

Now allow the centre of the abdomen free by contracting the left and right side of the abdomen. You will have all the muscles in the centre in a vertical line. This is called Madhyam Nauli. Keep it as long as you can with comfort. Do only this much for a few days.

Here you should contract the right side of the abdomen and allow the left side free. You will have the muscle on the left side only. This is called Vama Nauli. Again contract the left side muscle and allow the right side free. This is Dakshina Nauli. By having such gradual practices, you will understand how to contract the muscles of the central, left and right sides of the abdomen. You will also notice how they move from side to side. In this stage you will see the abdomen muscle only in the central, right or the left side. Practise this stage for a week.

Keep the muscles in the centre. Slowly bring to the right side and then to left side in a circular way. Do this several times from the right to left side and then do it in a reverse way from the left to right side. You should turn the muscles always with a circular motion slowly. When you advance in the practice you can do it quickly ; but you can derive full benefits of this Kriya when you do it very slowly and gradually. This last stage of Nauli will appear like ‘churning’ when the abdominal muscles are isolated and rotated from side to side.

Beginners will feel slight pain of abdomen in the first two or three attempts. They need not fear and stop the practice. The pain will vanish away in 2 or 3 days. When Nauli is demonstrated by the advanced yogic student, the onlookers will be extremely surprised to look at the movements of the abdominal muscles. They will feel as if an engine is working in the abdominal factory.

When beginners want to do Dakshina Nauli, they should slightly bend towards the left side and contract the left muscles. When they want to do Vam Nauli, let them bend a little bend a little to the right side. In Madhyam Nauli, push the entire muscles forward by contracting the two sides.

This exercise is not at all possible for those who have a barrel-like belly. When they find it difficult to carry their own belly, they cannot at all dream of getting success in this Kriya. They can also try by gradual slow practice. For getting success, they must exert hard and have rigorous practice for a long time. Those who have a tender body can very easily learn and perform this kriya in a beautiful and efficient manner.

If the Yogic exercises are done in the right way with the right mental attitude, it will surely lead you to spiritual growth. Nauli Kriya eradicates chronic constipation, dyspepsia and all other diseases of the gastrointestinal system. Nauli helps Sang Pachar and Basti Kriya also.The liver and pancreas are toned. The kidneys and other organs of the abdomen function properly. Nauli is a blessing to humanity. It is a sovereign specific ‘uni -all’ or an ideal ‘pick-me-up’.

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