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Yoga and health
Yoga is a science derived from the Sanskrit root ‘YUJ’ (Union). It is the world most ancient science and said to be a balanced life. It is a perfect practical system of self-culture. Yoga is a way to super life with peace and harmony. About ordinary exercise is adequate, but the knowledge and practice of yoga is highly required. So, the yoga is completely depends upon the science. Health means each and every cell should be moved and functioned properly. To maintain health, yoga practice is essential. By adopting scientific methods only we can attain the total development viz., physically-strong, mentally-balance, intellectually-sharp, spiritually-advance and morally-sound. Therefore, the way we practice, so we are. The complete health is the fittest and fundamental for integration of yoga. Yoga is the great concept which is interlinked over another to develop still deeper and wider level consciousness in the people at the present modern scenario. Yogis, who are at present powerful agents have to transform the people in society through yoga and spiritual approach and inject health awareness in all respects and get optimum results, which resides a powerful saying “Health is Wealth”. To get success in the life, one should go according to the knowledge of yoga science as a weapon. At present, the human being moods, behaviors etc., are being measured, calculated, analyzed with the scientific instruments. We are attaining success in every task with the power of positive thoughts, which is being possible only through the practice of yoga by implementing the ancient yoga science.

S. koteswar Rao
Hyderabad (AP)

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