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Kapalabhati is an exercise for the purification of skull and lungs. Though this is one of the Shat-Karmas (six purificatiory exercises), yet it is a variety of Pranayam exercises.

Sit in Padmasan or Siddhasan. Keep the hands on the knees. Perform purak (inhalation) and Rechak (exhalation) rapidly. Those who can do Bhastrika Pranayam can easily do this. In Bhastrika there is a Kumbhak (retention of breath) for a long time at the required rounds. But in Kapalabhati there is no Kumbhak. Again in Kapalabhati, purak is very long and mild, but Rechak is too quick and forcible. In Bhastrika, Purak is done a quickly as Rechak. This is the only difference between Kapalbhati and Bhastrika. In Kapalbhati, Rechak should be done forcibly and quickly by contracting the abdominal muscles with backward push. To start with, have only one expulsion per second. In the beginning do 10 expulsion per round. Gradually increase 10 expulsions to each round till you get 120 expulsions for each round.

It cleanses the respiratory system and nasal passages. It removes spasm in bronchial tubes. Consequently Asthma is relieved and cured also in course of time. Consumption is cured by this practice. Impurities of the blood are thrown out. The circulatory and respiratory systems are toned to a considerable degree. Shat-Karmas are intended for the purification of the body. When Nadis are impure Kundalini cannot pass from the Muladhar to Sahasradh chakr. Purification of Nadis is effected through Pranayam. For Pranayam, you should know well about Pran.

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