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Effect of selected Yogic practices and Physical activity on Haematological and
Psychological variables among college students

Kumar N


90 male students were selected as subjects at random from Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of arts and science Coimbatore. Their age range from 18- 21 years. they were divided into three equal groups namely control group (group 1), yogic practice group (group 2) and physical activity group(group 3) the subject were tested in order to find out the haemoglobin, men arterial pressure, blood glucose and blood lactic Acid in the early morning before the start of the training programme. Group 2 underwent yogic practices and group 3 underwent physical activity for 12 weeks on 5 days a week from morning 6.30 am to 7.30 am. The control group did not involve in any training. The pre and post test scores on selected dependent variables n selected dependent variables were subjected to ANCOVA to found out significance of the variables scheffe's test was used to find out which of the paired means differed significantly. Analyses of data revaluated that the level of haemoglobin increased due to 12 2 weeks training on selected yogic practices and physical activity. Group 3 shown more haemoglobin level than group 2 and group 3. However the group 2 shows much improvement in haemoglobin level than group1. There was no significant difference in mean arterial pressure blood glucose and blood lactic acid level among all the subjects due to the influence of 12 weeks yogic practice and physical activity.


Yogic practices, physical activity, haemoglobin, mean arterial pressure, blood glucose, blood lactic acid.


To execute this investigation; the research scholar employed random samplings of 90 subjects from Sri Rama Krishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbotpore in Tamil Nadu.

Training programme

Sr.No Yogic Practices Duration Physical Activity Duration
1 Surya namaskara 7 mins Warming up 5 mins
2 Tadasana
Uttana padasana
Natarajasana Shavasana
30 mins Shoulder circles
Arm circles
Side bends
Trunk twists
Upper back
Chest neck stretch
Shoulder stretch
Off squat
Calf stretch
Hip & thigh stretch
Seated groin stretch
Kneeling hip fixer stretch
Lying hip abductor stretch
Front of trunk stretch seated
Trunk twist seated groin
and hamstring stretch,
Lying quadriceps stretch,
lying hamstring stretch
45 mins
3 Nadishodana
7 mins Warm down 10 mins
4 Mantra meditation
Objective meditation
Silent meditation
10 mins
5 Relaxation 6 mins    
  Total 60 mins   60 mins


Yogic practices and physical activity increases blood flow in subjects and improve the micro circulation there was an increased peripheral blood flow, which brings greater amount of glucose to the sight of utilization. Such increased utilization glucose may bring about desirable decreasing blood sugar. The yogic practice group and physical activity group leads to hyper glycaemia, excess of sugar in gland due to glycogenolysis. But physical training leads to hypoxemia the practice of taking glucose during exercise is aimed more at prevention hypo glycaemia than in energy for the exercise.


Yoga mimamsa vol.XLIV. No.1 20-30

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