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Assessment of the Yogic Practices, Effect and
Development of the Perenatal Women

Surekha. B *

*Dept. of Yogic Science, Mangalore University- Konaje


Pregnancy - a new dimension in a women's life, a state of poise and grace- is one of the greatest experiences in life. pregnancy should normally sail smoothly without any problems as it is a marvel of nature. things go wrong only when man in his ignorance meddles with natures working.

In olden days, childbirth was a normal occurrence in the family, usually taking place in the house itself, with the older women folk assisting the mother. sometimes the l local mid wife was called in. today the entire scenario has changed. Particularly in urban areas, across the strata of social class, deliveries are usually in hospitals or nursing homes with trained obstetricians and other medical staff in attendance. Medical management of pregnancy has advanced so much that surgical procedure can be done for the fetus inside in the uterus. Blood can be transfused to the baby, corrective repair can be done on the body of the fetus for many problems, genetic manipulations is possible in its cells.


The present study is entitled for the "assessment of the yogic practices, effect and development on the perinatal women".

For this purpose, 6 pregnant women were taken for the study. The yogic practices were given from 23 February -30 march. Yogic practices were introduced to them for all the days in the week for an hour from evening 4 p.m- 5 p.m. they were very carefully administered and introduced the yogic practices. And also a questionnaire was given to them. The hemoglobin count was checked before they underwent the yoga programmer and the hemoglobin was checked after the yoga programme their was a steady increase in the weight along with the maintaining of their blood - pressure.

The questionnaire showed a remarkable change in the life-style. This study depicts that yogic practices are helpful in managing the pregnancy without any serious complications throughout the 36 weeks as a result of which abnormal delivery takes place and as a bonus a healthy child is born.

Materials and methods

The present study was conducted for the assessment of selected yoga practices, effect and development on the perinatal women.

Venue: the study was undertaken at TARACLINIC Mangalore .

AGE: All the subjects were in the age group of 23 -36 years.

PREGNANCY STATUS: all the subjects were in between 4th month - 7th month of pregnancy period, in which 4 were in the first pregnancy and 2 were in their second pregnancy .

DURATION OF THE STUDY: The study was conducted from 23rd February - 30th March. The practices were taught for all the 7 days in a week from 4.00 p.m - 5.00 p.m

METHOD OF STUDY: The study was undertaken for the assessment of selected yogic practices and see their effect on the perinatal women. The blood pressure and the hemoglobin levels were checked before and after the yogic practices.


The parameters used are as follows-
  • Haemogram
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Questionnaire


After the practice of yoga after a period of 36 days ,the prenatal women improved in their overall health .the yogic practices got them relieved of their nausea ,back-ache ,muscular cramps ,edema, and the heart burn sensation . All the subjects had already undergone the haemogram test before the yoga practice .they improved in the hemoglobin levels ,they improved in the weight in a steady way, and also the blood pressure was steady .above all they looked bright ,fresh and active.


In the present study the results were proved to be significant .every member felt the improvement after the yoga therapy programme.

As the yoga classes were conducted every day in the evening from 4pm to 5pm.The practices made them feel active and enthusiastic throughout .they were able to handle the pressure and tension calmly of the daily grind .they experienced freshness ,relaxation and calmness after practice ,and also it showed various other positive effects such as reduced tension ,improved working ability and positive thinking .they were also \ also different in subtle ways which one sensed ,rather than saw.

All the 6 subjects showed significant improvement in hemoglobin .they showed sustained blood pressure reports .the weight was increased yet they looked mire healthy without fluid retention. It is evident that the dissertation work on the perinatal women gave a positive result up to their 36 weeks of their pregnancy period and the easy and uncomplicated delivery thereafter.


The present study reveals that yoga therapy helps in managing pregnancy related complications and which leads to abnormal delivery. The fetus bears the mark of the mother's life style. It is therefore essential that she leads a healthy life, both physically and mentally ,not just during the pregnancy but even earlier, as she prepares herself to become a mother, even though the yoga therapy would yield better result if it is carried out before the conception and throughout the pregnancy even then it can be concluded that yoga therapy done for a shorter period gave a desired result for the perinatal women.

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